welcome to envy

For more than a decade Envy has a distinct philosophy: let our guests taste the finest products and purest ingredients possible. Sometimes simple and sometimes with a gastronomic touch, combined or on their own but always full of flavour. Be surprised and ‘envited’ from the beginning ‘till the moment you leave our restaurant.
All the dishes and drinks have the same purpose: to seduce you!


Speaking of our staff! The team of Envy is a young, close and dynamic team that has one thing in common; they are all food lovers with a huge passion for amazing food and elevating wines. They are not just collegea’s on the work floor but also great friends. The team is bursting with energie! As a guest, you can not ignore their enthusiasm and ambition to create an amazing evening and a wonderful experience for you!
The team is led by our talented and passionate chef Floris van Straalen (27 years). Our chef has learned his tips and tricks as a student at Old Sluis Restaurant ***, under the supervision of Sergio Herman. When Oud Sluis closed, Floris decided to work at Pure C *, the restaurant of Syrco Bakker. After only 6 months after opening this restaurant it gained a Michelin star. Just as it befits an enthusiastic chef, it was time for the next step namely Amsterdam Vinkeles * (The Dylan hotel) with Dennis Kuipers. Eventually he found his place at Envy, first as a sous-chef, follewed by the succesion of Michael Wolf (Old Sluis ***, Vila Joya **, Wolf Atelier) as chef of Envy.

Floris van Straalen is not mailny foccused on traditional dishes. On the contrary, he is constantly in search of innovation and pushes all boundaries in combination with a whiff of tradition. His inspiration comes from his own surroundings, but also from abroad. He signiture is shown through the pure and gorgeous ingredients he uses, generating his own exciting creations. A great promise for the culinary world. A driven chef who creates an energetic restaurant, but with a welcoming and down to earth atmosphere. A hotspot where lovers are tempted by quality.


Envy's no-brainer

A full mailbox, a never-ending to-do list and more deadlines then days... You have enough on your mind! So when you come to Envy we do the thinking for you: a full experience (including: amuses, 4-course dinner, half a bottle of wine and water, homemade limoncello and sweets with coffee or tea) for only € 50 pp. It’s a no-brainer!

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Job opening

We are looking for assistant managers and waiters/waitresses. Are you looking for a well-paying job in a restaurant of high level in a young team in an informal setting? 

What we offer:
- A higher salary than the hospitality contract
- Possibility to work in the other 9 restaurants of IQ Creative
- Great growth possibilities within the company
- Monthly wine training
- Flexible schedules
- Free sport classes with a personal trainer 

What we expect from you:
- Motivation, passion and spontaneity
- A minimum of two days availability, also in the weekend

Are you interested, or do you know someone who is looking?
Send an email with your resume and motivation to jobs@iqcreative.nl


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100+ European Gourmet Casual Restaurants

So proud of our team and chef Floris van Straalen! We claimed spot 177 on the OAD's list of 100+ European Gourmet Casual Restaurants as 1 of only 6 Dutch restaurants. Time to celebrate!

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Dinner Cards!

Looking for the perfect gift? IQ Creative, the company behind several succesful Amsterdam restaurants has a special dinnercard for use in all of their restaurants. With such a wide range of choices thé perfect gift for each occasion.

Enjoy Mexican street food at Arriba Arriba , BBQ dishes at Julius bar&grill, special delicacies at Envy and Wolf Atelier. For the perfect tartare near the Amsterdam canals you’ll find Prinz Wolf, and if you´re looking for extravaganza: supperclub or supperclub cruise. In for a classy drink? Join us at Apt. and enjoy an old fashioned, surprising cocktail or a good whiskey in a homey setting.

The IQ Creative Dinner Card has a value of € 25,- and is valid at the following restaurants: Happyhappyjoyjoy,  Prinz Wolfsupperclub, supperclub cruiseEnvyArriba Arriba, Heineken Hoek, Wolf Atelier, Julius bar&grill and Apt

Want to order an IQ Creative Dinner Card? Click here!

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It’s possible to make reservations below through our reservation system. Or, you can also just walk in whenever you are in the neighbourhood. Questions about groups or other options? Please contact our sales team. You can send them an email; info@envy.nl

Our showpiece is of course the chefs table. You will get a full Envy experience that consists of an 8(+) chefs menu. You can book this special table until 21h30 and by calling +31 20 344 64 07

We would like to inform you that dogs are not allowed in our restaurant.



Prinsengracht 381
1016 HL Amsterdam
+31 20 344 64 07

opening hours

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
12h00 – 15h00

Sunday till Monday
18h00 – 22h30

Friday & Saturday
18h00 - 23h00

public transit

Envy is centrally located in Amsterdam at Prinsengracht 381, among the ‘9 little streets’. You can take tram 17, 14, 13 and get out at the ‘Westermarkt’ stop. 


A Q-Park garage is located on the Marnixstraat about 750 meters walking distance from Envy.